Spices from A-Z

Aniseedwhole, purified, ground, chopped, steam-treatedOrigin: Turkey/Syria
picture:Anise, whole,max.1% impurity
Basilpurified, ground, picked, steam-treatedOrigin: Egypt
picture: Basil, rubbed, HGM-TOP-cleaned
Bear's garlicchoppedOrigin: Rumania/Bosnia/Croatia cut, ca.5mm
Black Cumin, Nigellawhole, steam-treatedOrigin: Syria
Black pepperwhole, purified, ground, crushed, steam-treatedOrigin: Vietnam/Malaysia/Brasil
Black pepper, Tellicherry, Extra Boldwhole, purified, steam-treatedOrigin: India
Quality: TGSEB = Tellicherry Garbled Special Extra Bold
Carawaywhole, purified, ground, chopped, steam-treatedOrigin: Poland/Finland
picture: Caraway seeds, whole, 1 A prima cleaned
Cardamom capsulewhole, ground, steam-treatedOrigin: Guatemala
picture: Cardamom, original Guatemala, green
Cardamom-Seedwhole, purified, ground, chopped, steam-treatedOrigin: Guatemala
picture: Cardamom-seed HGM-Top cleaned
Carrot cubes/- granulatecrushed, choppedOrigin: China
air dried
Cassiawhole, ground, choppedorigin: Indonesia/Vietnam
various length, ground various qualities
picture: Cassia cut 2-4mm
Cassiawhole, purified, ground, crushed, steam-treated

Origin: Ceylon/Madagascar
different length, ground various qualities
picture: Cassia ground

CayennepeppergroundOrigin: China
Celeriac powder-blendgroundOrigin: Poland
mix with common percentage of parsnip
Celery-Seedwhole, ground, steam-treatedOrigin: India
ChervilpickedOrigin: Germany
Chili / Jalapeno greenchoppedOrigin: China
picture: granulate green 1-3mm
Chili / Jalapeno redcrushed, choppedOrigin: China
picture:granulate red 1-3mm
Chili 1-3cm, BirdeyeswholeOrigin: Malawi/Kenia/Uganda
Chili, crushed with or without seedscrushed, steam-treatedOrigin: China
cut size: 1-3mm with seed 2-4mm without seed 3-5mm with abt. 15% seeds
picture: 3-5mm with abt. 15% seeds
Chili, red, 4-7cmwhole, purifiedOrigin: China
Chili-StringswholeOrigin: China
Chilis, ground, HABANERO, EXTREMELY HOTgroundOrigin: Colombia/Mexico
*too hot to unpack it*
Chilli-RingswholeOrigin: China
Chillies, ground, "CHIPOTLE" Jalapeno, redgroundOrigin: USA/Mexiko
Chives Chives rolls (tube cut) or flakeschoppedOrigin: China/Germany
Chives rolls tube cut till 4mm  // Chives flakes cut 1-4mm
picture: Chives flakes till 4mm
Cinnamom, Canehlwhole, ground, chopped, steam-treatedOrigin: Sri Lanka (Ceylon)/Madagascar
different lengths, various cut sizes and particle sizes
picture: Canehl 10cm
Cloveswhole, ground, choppedOrigin: Madagascar/Indonesia
picture: Cloves, whole, sifted
Corianderwhole, purified, ground, chopped, steam-treatedOrigin: Eastern Europe/India
picture: Coriander, whole HGM-TOP-cleaned, steam-treated
Coriander-leaves / CilantropickedOrigin: Germany
Cuminwhole, purified, ground, steam-treatedOrigin : Turkey/India/Syria
picture: Cumin, whole, HGM-TOP-cleaned, steam-treated
Curcuma rootwhole, ground, crushed, steam-treatedOrigin: India
Dill (herbs)choppedOrigin: Germany
Dillseedswhole, ground, steam-treatedOrigin: India
picture: Dill seed, whole, HGM-TOP cleaned, steam-treated
DilltipspickedOrigin: Germany
Fennelwhole, purified, ground, chopped, steam-treatedOrigin: Egypt
picture: Fennel, whole, HGM-TOP-cleaned, steam-treated
Fenugreekwhole, purified, ground, choppedOrigin: India
Garlicground, choppedOrigin: China
picture: Garlic, minced 2-4mm
Gingerwhole, ground, chopped, steam-treatedOrigin: China/Nigeria
Green pepperwhole, purified, ground, crushed, steam-treatedorigin: India/Brasil
available also in brine
Juniper berrieswhole, purified, groundOrigin: Eastern Europe
Laurel/Bay leaveswhole, purified, ground, chopped, steam-treatedOrigin: Turkey
picture: laurel leaves, handselected 4-7mm
LavenderwholeOrigin: France
Lemon peelsground, choppedOrigin: Spain
without antioxidant agent: sodium hydrogen SULPHITE E 222
picture: Lemon peels, cut 2-3 mm
Lovage leavespickedOrigin: Germany
Lovage-rootground, steam-treatedOrigin: Bulgary/Poland
mix with standard percentage of parsnip
Mace, whole, siftedground, steam-treatedOrigin: Papua New Guinea/Sri Lanka/Indonesia/Grenada
Majorampurified, ground, picked, steam-treatedOrigin: Germany/Egypt
available in Egyptian as well as Thuringia/German garden quality
picture: Marjoram, rubbed, Thuringian
Mintpicked, steam-treatedOrigin: Egypt
Mustard seed, brownpurified, choppedOrigin: Canada/India/Hungary
Mustard-Seed, yellowwhole, ground, choppedOrigin: Canada/India/Eastern Europe
Nutmegswhole, ground, chopped, steam-treatedOrigin: Siau/Ambon
available qualities: Nutmegs, whole, 80/85er and Nutmegs, whole, 60/65er,
Onionsground, crushed, choppedOrigin: USA/Egypt/India
icture: Onions, kibbled, 1A light colour
Orange peelsground, chopped, steam-treatedOrigin: Spain/Turkey
available in various cut sizes
picture: Orange peels, cut 4-8 mm
Oreganopurified, ground, picked, steam-treatedOrigin: Turkey/Greece/Peru
picture: Oregano,Chile
Paprika Powderground, steam-treatedOrigin: Spain/Israel/
Paprika, "red pepper"ground, steam-treatedOrigin: Spain
Paprika, "red/green bell pepper"crushed, choppedOrigin: China
granulated 1-3mm and paprika flakes
picture: paprika flakes red
ParsleypickedOrigin: Germany
cut: till 5mm or till 2mm
picture: parsley cut 5mm
Pimento / Allspicewhole, purified, ground, chopped, steam-treatedOrigin: Mexico
picture: Allspice, whole, re-cleaned, dark brown
PinenutswholeOrigin: China
Grade A - 950 count
Pink pepper (Schinus Terebinth.)wholeOrigin: Brasil
PistachiowholeOrigin: Iran
Roasted onionschoppedOrigin: Germany/France
available qualities: Fried onions, 1a without meal coating Ingredients: onions, palm fat or Fried onions with flour and salt, fried in oil Ingredients: onions, palm oil, WHEAT flour, salt
Rosemarypurified, ground, chopped, steam-treatedOrigin: Spain
picture: Rosemary, cut, HGM-TOP-cleaned,
Saffronwhole, groundOrigin: Iran/Spain
Sageground, chopped, steam-treatedOrigin: Turkey/Albania (blend Quality)
Savoryground, pickedOrigin: Germany / Eastern Europe
Sesame SeedwholeOrigin: India
Star-anisewhole, ground, crushedOrigin: Vietnam
picture: Star anise, sifted, less broken
Tarragon leavespickedOrigin: France
Thymeground, picked, steam-treatedOrigin: Spain/Poland/Germany
picture: Thyme garden Quality, Thüringer Garden Quality, Thyme orig. Spain
Tomato / Flakes / Granulate / ChipschoppedOrigin: China
picture: tomato flakes, ca. 9mm,
Vanillawhole, groundOrigin: Madagascar/Indonesia/Papua New Guinea
available sizes 13/15cm or 16/18cm
picture: length 13/15cm
VOATSIPERIFERY (piper borbonense)whole, purifiedOrigin: Madagascar /
Black pepper, whole, hand picked
White pepperwhole, purified, ground, crushed, steam-treatedOrigin: Sarawak/Malaysia/China

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