Hamburger Gewürz-Mühle since 1930

Our History

On 2 September 1930 Hermann Schulz set up his own business when he established the spice mill "Hamburger Gewürz-Mühle Hermann Schulz" and started operations in rented rooms in cellars and backyards in Birkenau.

1940 The factory building in the Flüggestraße is purchased, where the company expands by 1943 to become the most modern and largest company in northern Germany. Euphoria over this achievement lasts just a few weeks; blanket bombing puts Hermann Schulz right back where he started.

1944 Business was started again in a little mill in the village of Tönnhausen.

1948 Wreckage removal and gradual rebuilding of the Flüggestraße begins.

1953/1954 The founder's sons join their father's company: Karl as miller and Georg as trader.

1969 A plot of land in the Bargstedgasse is acquired, built on according to the company's own plans and ideas and the new premises occupied. As a result, the industrial operation in Tönnhausen is merged once again with the trading operation in Hamburg and significant rationalisation measures carried out.

1980 An adjoining plot of land is purchased and a warehouse building erected.

1992-1995 The largest investment in the company's history is made when an industrial property in Großmannstraße complete with cellar warehouse is purchased, a new modern production building as well as an office building is built; the investment phase is complete when the company relocates to these premises in 1995.

1st January 2000 Mr. Holger Schulz takes over in the position of sole partner and executive director.

2002/2003 A further plot of land is acquired and a warehouse with a capacity of approximately 500 tons is erected.

1st April 2003 Mr. Karl Schulz goes into well-deserved retirement.

2nd September 2005 75th anniversary of Hamburger Gewürz-Mühle.

2006 Purchase of a neighboring plot with 2 warehouses enlarged our warehouse capacity of again 3.000 m² up to 10.000m² in total.

1st June 2013 Mr. Georg Schulz goes into well-deserved retirement.

2014 Construction of a new staffhouse with more than 650m² was completed.

2015-2017 4th generation joint the company with merchants Milena Schulz and Finn Schulz

2018 Reconstruction and modernization of our Blending Department with new machines to increase capacity.

2019 Purchase of a neighboring plot for future expanding our opportunities.

2020 Start up of our own steam sterilization plant, a big step for further product safety.

2022 - 2024 Construction of the additional production and warehouse building 

2024 Start up of the additional production and warehouse building