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Discover our diversity!

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Discover our diversity!

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Hamburger Gewürz-Mühle since 1930

Herbs, spices and spice mixtures

Since more than 80 years we are one of the leading suppliers in the spice industry. We are an open minded, globally acting company, with contacts worldwide. We do not only import our raw material directly from several origins and are well known as wholesaler and exporter but over the years also became experts in upgrading processes for spices, herbs and mixtures.

Please take your benefit from our long lasting experiences and let us be part of your success. Feel free to contact us with any question you might have. We are looking forward to a fruitful cooperation.

  • direct import from the place of origin
  • worldwide delivery of our goods
  • extremely varied range of spices
  • certified quality
  • processing services

We guarantee only the best!

Refining processes for spices and herbs

Refining / milling

Our 14 mill facilities with different grinding technologies are run by experienced specialists which makes us top of the class for grinding purposes of spices and natural products


Cleaning with our „HGM-TOP-cleaned“ technique: With our 8 different cleaning units we eliminate foreign matters accurately.

Cutting, crushing, milling

3 cutting units as well as several different cutting mills cut your products precisely to the desired refinement.

Color sorting

HGM-Select opto-electronic color selection: High definition digital cameras scan the product for impurities, irrespective of the size and weight. Excellent results with spice seeds.

Product safety

Metal check, magnetic cleaning, stone screening, sieving: By the use of our 10 plants for product safety and sieving, we can meet highest quality requirements.


6 mixing plants are available for your requirements.


Quality is our highest bid

A globally recognized management system according to FSSC 22000 in the area of food safety is the basis of our quality policy. By importing the spices ourselves from reliable partners, we ensure that our high quality standards are met fully. Our extremely comprehensive range of different spices enables us to supply our customers directly, from a single source.


After the goods have been received, all imported items are analysed by independent laboratories. Continual in-process checks during processing operations in our company ensure a high quality standard.

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Hermann Schulz GmbH
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